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21. June 2012


Environmental Review from Danish Finance Institute (EKF) for "Farma Terezov" is ready.





Euro Pork Production A/S 


Euro Pork is a supplier of pigs of good quality mainly in Slovakia, but also in Hungary, Germany, Romania, Poland and Austria.

Our pigs are allocated to quality-oriented slaughterhouses and catering trade.

Euro Pork works long term to produce and develop a quality product that can serve as a guarantee label on meat coming from our production.


In addition, the company's activity includes arable production, where the main crops consist of forage production for pig production.













About us

The owners behind EPP A/S has over the last 10 years developed a larger agricultural unit in Slovakia.

Through continuous buying and renting well defined operations, the owners has created a well-planned agricultural activity on a solid foundation with great potential for further development.